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Slip and fall in Chinese restaurant: $125,000

In this case, a husband and wife went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and the man slipped and fell on his way to use the restroom, resulting in a trimalleolar fracture to his ankle. The restaurant denied liability, indicating that there were no defects in the floor. However, exhaustive investigation led to the discovery of information proving that the restaurant was aware of a problem with excessive grease build-up in the facility, and that this had resulted in a prior fall. Further, expert analysis proved that the floor on which the fall occurred was unusually slippery and unsafe.

Slip and fall on unsafe bathtub:  $125,000

Here, a 46 year old business traveler slipped and fell in a bathtub at a local hotel, sustaining a fractured femur.  Klein & Carney immediately hired an expert in architecture and surface friction to inspect the tub, and that expert determined that the slip resistant surface of the tub had worn away, resulting in a dangerously slippery surface.  This led to a settlement without the necessity of even filing a lawsuit.

Slip and fall on newly mopped floor: $100,000

After attending an appointment in a medical building, a 74 year old woman took the elevator down to the first floor. Upon exiting the elevator, she recognized that the floor had just been mopped, and was very slippery. Despite the use of caution, she slipped and sustained a torn rotator cuff. Although the property owner claimed that it had taken appropriate measures to warn visitors of the wet floor, and sought a dismissal of the lawsuit by the trial court, the attorneys at Klein & Carney were able to demonstrate that the measures were inadequate, and that the property owner had created a dangerous condition for which it was responsible.

Slip and fall in rented apartment unit: $97,500

Here, a woman slipped and fell on water in her rented apartment and suffered a broken hip requiring surgical repair. Despite the landlord’s denial of an awareness of the leak in question, investigation, including the use of satellite images and statements from other tenants from the building, proved that the landlord was indeed aware of a significant problem with the roof of the building prior to the fall.

Trip and fall on uneven sidewalk at hotel:  $92,500

While walking into a local hotel while on a business trip, a 44 year old woman tripped and fell over an uneven sidewalk sustaining a severe upper arm fracture.  Despite repeated denials by hotel management that it was aware of the problem, Klein & Carney uncovered a document proving that the property owner was aware of the defect, was aware that it presented a trip hazard, yet failed to fix the sidewalk.

Trip and fall on ice-covered handicap ramp:  $85,000

In this matter, a woman was walking out of a local convenience store when she slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on a handicap ramp, sustaining a fractured ankle.  Upon examination by an expert retained by Klein & Carney, it was determined that the ramp in question did not comply with local building codes, and was dangerously steep.

Fall On Newspaper Binder: $80,000

In this unusual case, plaintiff’s legs became entangled in a plastic band that was used to bind stacks of newspapers which were dropped by the door of a large, chain gas station. After patrons removed all of the newspapers, the band, still intact, was left on the floor in full view of the station employees. When plaintiff was traversing the area, her feet became entangled in the band causing her to fall and fracture her hip. After Klein & Carney Co. prevented defendant’s attempts to have the case thrown out of court, a settlement was reached.

Slip And Fall In Airport: $67,500

While crossing a marble floor in a Cleveland airport terminal, plaintiff fell onto her knee when she encountered a slippery area on the floor. This resulted in torn ligaments in her knee. Despite denial of all knowledge by the defendant, it was proven that a courtesy cart driver sprayed cleaning solution onto the tires of his cart while it was parked in the area of the fall. The solution then dripped onto the floor before the driver drove off. Within minutes, plaintiff attempted to traverse the area and the fall occurred.

Trip and fall on overlapping floor mats:  $51,000

While walking out of a local retail store, a woman tripped and fell over two floor mats that had been overlapped, resulting in a torn Achilles tendon.  Klein & Carney proved, through the use of an expert architect, that the overlapping mats created a dangerous trip hazard, resulting in settlement.

Fall From Bleachers At High School Football Game: $35,000

In this case, Plaintiff was attending a local high school football game when a board in the wooden bleachers that she was standing on collapsed, causing her to sustain injuries to her head and tailbone. After a denial of the claim based on an immunity argument, a lawsuit was filed and it was proven that the defendant knew or should have known of the defective condition of the bleachers, thus entitling Plaintiff to compensation.