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Case Results

Auto / Truck Accidents

Woman Killed After Being Hit by Inattentive Driver: $1,500,000

This tragedy occurred when a 21 year old woman was struck from behind by a driver who was admittedly playing with her IPOD in the seconds before impact. A crash reconstruction was performed by a prominent expert who determined that the distracted driver was also greatly exceeding the speed limit. The case was resolved in private mediation.

Aggravated Back Injury: $205,000 settlement

62-year-old woman driver was hit by another who crashed a stop sign. Our client suffered an aggravation of a previous back injury from a fall in 2007. She treated for the back injury with physical therapy and eventually was referred to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery. Her two surgeons were at odds as to whether or not the back surgery was a direct result of this accident but we were still successful in securing this substantial settlement from the insurance company.

Brain Injured Accident Victim: $5,750,000

In this case, a 47-year-old mother of two, while in the course and scope of her employment, was hit head-on by another driver who had gone left of center, resulting in her sustaining multiple serious injuries, including a catastrophic brain injury and multiple broken bones throughout her body. These injuries left her permanently disabled, confined to a nursing home, and ultimately lead to her death.

Passenger Of Drinking Driver Rendered Quadriplegic: $5,000,000

The plaintiff in this case was a high school senior who was a passenger in a vehicle with a group of friends. The vehicle was parked in a local metropark, and some of the occupants, including the driver, were drinking. When the driver saw a police car approaching, he began to flee without first turning his headlights on. Then, fumbling for his lights, he lost control and the vehicle struck a tree. Plaintiff sustained devastating injuries resulting in complete quadriplegia.

Brain Injured Child: $3,450,000

In this one car accident, a minor child sustained a brain injury when his father lost control of his vehicle on the highway and the vehicle rolled over. Claims against multiple insurance carriers, including personal insurance carriers and the carrier of the rental car company, were resolved for $3,450,000.

Wrongful Death Of 50 Year Old: $1,240,000

Shortly after this fifty year old driver was killed in an auto accident, a claim against Ford Motor Company was settled, and a default judgment was taken against the negligent driver. Then, 5 years later, Klein & Carney re-opened the case and obtained an additional settlement of $1.24 Million Dollars for the wife and daughter of the deceased driver.

Passenger In Vehicle Which Is Run Off The Road: $650,000

Plaintiff in this case was sixty five year old female passenger in an SUV who was injured when the wrongdoer went left of center causing her vehicle to leave the roadway into a ditch. She was immediately hospitalized with multiple injuries including fractures to her left elbow, pelvis and right kneecap. Her elbow required two surgeries and extensive physical therapy.

Defendant Flees The Scene: $410,000

This accident occurred when a dump truck went left of center into the path of an oncoming pickup truck, which swerved to avoid the dump truck, lost control, and slammed into the side of plaintiff’s vehicle. The driver of the dump truck fled the scene and was not immediately identified. Through thorough investigation and detailed analysis of all available information, Klein & Carney was able to identify the truck driver and his company, and to prove that the trucking company was aware that the driver was not safe and should not have been on the road. These efforts resulted in a significant settlement for the plaintiff, who suffered serious injuries, including a lacerated spleen, fractured right leg, fractured left hip, fractured pelvis, fractured spine, and fractured tailbone.

Defendant Crashing Stop Sign Causes Subdural Hematoma: $350,000

The plaintiff in this case was riding in the back seat of her daughter’s vehicle when the vehicle was struck by a pick-up truck that failed to stop at a stop sign. The collision resulted in plaintiff striking her head and face in the interior of her car, resulting in her suffering a subdural hematoma that required surgical repair.

Uninsured Driver Causes Accident Resulting In Facial Nerve Injuries To Plaintiff: $300,000

Fifty seven year old female injured in a car accident suffered permanent and traumatic nerve and bone injuries to her face requiring extensive medical care. Although the at-fault driver was not insured, plaintiff received her uninsured motorist coverage policy limit.

Rear End Collision Results In Bilateral Rotator Cuff Tears: $155,000

While stopped at a light waiting to make a left turn, a woman in her early 70s was rear-ended by a 20 year old man. The collision resulted in tears to both of her rotator cuffs, and an aggravation of an arthritic hand that eventually required trigger finger surgery.

Warehouse Employee Struck By Tow-Motor Resulting In Knee Injury: $150,000

In this case the injured party was a truck driver. While walking on the warehouse dock, she was struck by a careless tow-motor operator. Our client sustained an aggravation of a pre-existing left knee chondromalacia, which required care of an orthopedic specialist, and caused her to miss time from work. At mediation, an agreement was reached with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to allow her to continue to receive future benefits despite this $150,000 settlement with the wrongdoer.

Drunk Driver Causes Head-On Collision: $96,250

Fifty three year old widow sustained injuries to her head, face, chest and abdomen when a drunk driver went left of center and hit her vehicle head-on. Plaintiff sought, and obtained, both compensatory and punitive damages against the drunk driver, who also had to seek alcohol counseling as a condition of the settlement.

Improper Lane Change Causes Ankle Tendon Tear: $85,000

28 year old college admissions counselor injured by a careless driver making an improper lane change. The client was taken to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a torn tendon of her right lateral ankle. The tendon was surgically repaired with a good prognosis and no need for future medical care.

Police Officer Rear Ended By Drunk Driver: $76,500

48 year old police officer was stopped for a routine traffic stop when his cruiser was rear-ended by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol. The officer sprained his right shoulder and injured two cervical discs, resulting in his inability to work for approximately 45 days.

T-Bone Collision In Red Light/Green Light Case Results In Ruptured Patellar Tendon: $75,500

On the night of this accident, a tow truck broadsided the Toyota Corolla in which our client was a passenger. Both drivers claimed that they had the green light. As a result of the accident,
the passenger suffered a torn patellar tendon requiring surgical repair.
Despite the existence of two independent witnesses who stated that the tow truck driver was free from fault, recovery was obtained from the insurance companies of both drivers.

Drunk Driver Causes Accident Resulting in Death of Passenger: Settlement confidential.

In this case, a 39 year old woman was killed in an accident in which a drunk driver ran a stop sign and struck the car in which she was a passenger. Klein & Carney pursued a wrongful death claim as well as a Victim of Crime claim against the drunk driver. These claims were settled for the maximum amount of insurance available.

Rear End Collision Results In Medial Meniscus Tear: $51,000

In this accident, the driver of a car that was rear-ended struck her knee on the dashboard, resulting in a torn medial meniscus. After arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear, an excellent recovery occurred.

Head-On School Bus Collision Results In Injury To Bus Driver: $30,000

In this collision a school bus driver was hit head-on by a speeding vehicle. Tragically, the driver of the speeding car was killed in the accident, and the bus driver sustained injuries to his neck and back. After obtaining the autopsy report and toxicology findings, it was proven that the car driver was driving under the influence of marijuana and cocaine at the time of the accident.